Cognizant Bliss

I'm a mess of ideals and emotions

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good friends and candy

sometimes you get real down and for little moments in time you get these angels otherwise known as friends who take you away from your little personal hell even for brief moments at a time…

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i hate being at work like this. I especially hate the sinking feeling in my stomach. I hate the uneasy feeling i get as if something is going to happen at any moment. 

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So dejected :,(

I don’t know where to begin-I don’t know how to end it. Im scared that the end of it will be the end of me. Even though I know thats a lie-the fear feels very real to me. How did I end up here? Where was the wrong turn? What did I do wrong? Where did I fail? What didn’t I do? Whats wrong with me? What happened to me? I thought it was a no brainer. Was I wrong?